duminică, 17 iulie 2011


As much as I envy you (it's more of a I-wish-you-had-noticed-me-thing, which comes down to I-act-stupid-around-certain-people temporary issues, as you've done nothing wrong and I'm an idiot for taking it all out on you), I'm really glad you have a happy life. And a kiddy. But come on, you were my age, took horse poop out in a bucket and hadn't travelled outside Romania, and now you're the fucking boss, brag about Australia, blog about how cool you are?! HER daddy mom owns the dealership and SHE is your wife. Does that ring any bells?! THEY made you rich and opened the world for you! Moron!

Cuvântul săptămânii: ură! Multă. Sper că a fost ultima picătură. E rău să fii rău.

(Mi-a plăcut la nebunie!)

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